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The Borrowers

Two Stars
Directed By: Peter Hewitt
Cast: John Goodman, Jim Broadbent, Tom Felton, Flora Newbigin, Hugh Laurie, Mark Williams, and Bradley Pierce
Run time – 89min

I remember watching this movie when it first came out to cinema’s. I was seven years old. I remember the movie being really funny and enjoyable. Then I watched it again last night. The tag for a movie “Family Friendly” is really saying “Your kids will enjoy it, but you’ll think its lame” The best part about this movie is that it is only 1hr and 29min long. If you’ve been keeping up with my blogs, you’ll notice a trend when it comes to run time and the movies I’ve been watching. The longest movie I have done a review on is The Innkeepers, which lasted 1hr and 42min. I don’t care too much for long movies. I lose interest quickly.

The movie is about tiny little people who live in between the walls and floorboards of your house and they go out to take things, but they don’t steal anything. They borrow. The house that they live in is going to be demolished unless they find a way to save it with help from the “Bean” (Bradley Pierce) which is what they call human beings. The man who is going to set forth with the demolishing of the house is Ocious P. Potter (John Goodman). The family moves out about a mile down the road and while they are gone Goodman’s characters sees two of the borrowers (Flora Newbigin and Tom Felton), that’s right, the same Tom Felton from Harry Potter, and they steal the Will that was left by the original owner saying that she left the house to her daughter. Goodman pairs up with Jeff The Exterminator (Mark Williams) who many of you know as Arthur Weasley from the Harry Potter series. After going through many different struggles trying to capture the borrowers Goodman and Williams run into an officer of the law (Hugh Laurie), who at one point in the movie, says “Mr. Potter” which was the ONLY scene in the movie this time around that I laughed out loud at mainly because two of the cast members were in the Harry Potter movies’ (Even though this movie came out in ’97). I won’t say too much more about the movie due to the fact I don’t want to ruin it for those of you who have been way too busy for the past 15 years to watch this movie but still have it on the “I’ll get around to watching it” list.

The movie was decent enough for me to watch another time, I would recommend this movie to anyone who has children between the ages of 5-10 and they want to watch a light hearted clean comedy. I wouldn’t suggest listing the movie as your favorite movie of all time unless you want people to judge you and assume you haven’t seen any movies since 1997, and even then they will still judge you. Hard.

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Thanks everyone!

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The Innkeepers

One Star
Directed By : Ti West
Cast: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, and Kelly McGillis
Run time – 102min

I first heard about this movie from the director, Ti West, who appeared on a Doug Loves Movies podcast. I figured I should give it a shot and see how the movie is. I’m not usually a fan of scary movies due to the fact that none of them have ACTUALLY scared me. I was hoping that this one was going to be different. I turned the movie on at about 1am and shut off all of the lights in my apartment to give it the added “spooky” effect. The movie is only an 1hr and 42min long, so that was nice. I lose interest in movies quickly if they are too long. It took about a half hour before the first “scary” thing happened.

The movie is about an old Inn that is going out of business due to the fact that no one goes there anymore. It’s the last weekend of the Inn being open and the two employees that work there are trying to capture evidence that the Inn is haunted by a very old guest who hung herself on her wedding night many years ago. The director tries to throw in some comedy parts to lighten the mood but it fails terribly.

Overall, I wasn’t too happy with the movie, I thought it was pretty terrible and I wish that I wouldn’t have wasted my $1.20 at Redbox on this movie. Maybe I am the wrong person to be reviewing horror movies due to the fact that I can’t remember the last one that actually scared me, I will say that there were maybe two or three small scenes where I did get goosebumps, but that was about as far as it went. If you’re a fan of scary movies, then I would suggest you check it out. I can say that this movie was a much better movie than Paranormal Activity 1, 2, and 3 combined… But so was “From Justin To Kelly” so that isn’t really saying too much.

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Thanks for reading, everybody!

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The Fat Boy Chronicles

Two Stars
Directed By: Jason Winn
Cast – Christopher Rivera, Kelly Washington, Chris Bert, Cole Carson, Alli Sleek, Sylvia Castro Galan, and Bill Murphey
Run time – 78min

I was going through the different movies available on Netflix and I decided that this one had a catchy title and a bright colored cover, I’m easily entertained. The movie was only about an hour and a half long so I decided this was going to be my movie of choice. Within the first ten minutes I was hooked.

The movie follows a boy named Jimmy Winterpock (Christopher Rivera) and his tough times during his freshman year of high school and the struggles he has to go through being fourteen years old and 187 lbs. It was a wonderful movie and all of the characters in the movie I could relate to, I was a little bit overweight when I was in high school so I related to Jimmy and the way he got picked on in school, well, sort of. I was a very outgoing person and I made a lot of friends, so in that sense him and I are nothing alike. I imagine that this movie would’ve been what I would’ve gone through if I actually gave a shit about what people said about me. I honestly don’t even know if kids called me fat behind my back.

There were many different struggles that Jimmy had to go through in the movie, struggles such as losing weight, girl problems, kids at school teasing him not only IN school but while out at parties also, being called names such as Piggy which was in reference to the overweight character in the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, and also going through different things with his best friend.

The movie was inspired by a true story and it was adapted by the novel written by Lang Buchanan. Overall, I thought this was a really good movie and it had a really strong meaning behind it. I would definitely suggest this movie to others and tell people to watch it. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.

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The Dictator

The Dictator in theaters May 16.

3 Stars
Director – Larry Charles
Cast – Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Kingsley, Anna Faris, Jason Mantzoukas, John C. Reilly, Chris Parnell, Bobby Lee, Megan Fox, Fred Armisen, Kathryn Hahn
Run time – 83min

I was given the opportunity to screen this movie before it was released in theaters. I really enjoyed the movie overall. I thought it was one of the most offensive and racist movies I have ever seen and I couldn’t keep from laughing. Sacha Baron Cohen has truly outdone himself this time. There was a great storyline, good cast, and hilarious jokes throughout the entire movie. From the first few seconds of the film starting until the credits I laughed the entire time. I would recommend this movie to any one of my friends or any stranger that I overheard talking about this movie. The only reason I would tell you to go watch a different movie instead of this one is if you have a huge stick up your ass and you can’t partake in 21st Century racism. It’s racism in light of itself. So, go out and see The Dictator in theaters May 16th.

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First Post.

Real original on the title, but it’s 2am and I’m really tired, I just want to get this first one over with to explain the purpose of my blog.

I have been listening to Doug Loves Movies a lot… By a lot, I mean I start playing them at work when I first get there, and he is all I listen to. He’s hilarious, makes me wish I was funny too. Anyway, I decided that I really enjoy watching movies and I could give my opinion on them as well.

However, I’m not super rich or get into movies for free. So, how do I go about doing what I want to do??? Well, first you have to ask yourself “What is it that you want to accomplish?” That answer was really simple. I want to write reviews for movies and one day write professionally. Good, first question answered. Next. “Who is going to be your target audience?” Well, I thought about it, and I feel like I’m going to be writing to the age groups of 18-25, I feel like that is a pretty good range for an audience. I am 22 years old myself, so I feel like being right in the middle of that I can reach out to everyone and give some good advice about movies that are good, or ones that are just really shitty. The last question you have to ask yourself when writing a  successful blog or anything really is “What can I do that is different and new?” and I figured that since I can’t be dropping $20 a week to go see a new movie and tell you what I thought about it, I will review movies that are on Netflix and other older movies. I think it’s a wonderful idea to have someone tell you what movies are good and in theaters now, but what about when you are at home and want to watch a movie on Netflix but you don’t want it to be the biggest waste of time? That’s where I come in…

I’m going to post 6 new blogs each month. Possibly more, but at least 6. Every Monday I will review a movie that I watched on Netflix and then on different Fridays throughout the month I will review movies that are in theaters now. The rating system from my reviews are going to be quite simple. Bomb-4 Stars. Here is the breakdown.

Bomb – Worst movie I have ever put myself through. Don’t make the same mistake
1  Star – It was pretty bad. I wouldn’t pay for this movie or watch it again.
2 Stars – It wasn’t bad, I’m glad I saw it once, but probably won’t see it again.
3 Stars – It was a good movie, worth seeing on the big screen.
4 Stars – I will buy the DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out for sure!

I’ll probably talk about upcoming movies as well, and I will give my opinion on the movie before and after seeing it (If I even plan on seeing it) I think I’ve given a pretty good idea of what you can expect with Jack Reviews Movies. If there are multiple movies that you want me to see you can leave me a comment on here, you can send me an email at, or you can send me a tweet @Jackelope05. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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